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Who knows, maybe I have Olympic fever (Yay, USA with the highest medal count!! - Winners!!!), or maybe I just feel like I've created the best avocado toast ever with these 5 simple ingredients, one of which I have never had on any avocado toast, anywhere. I think you'll really love this one!

When mom made French toast it was a special morning! I've brought that back in a plant-based way and it takes me back.

Dive into a symphony of sweet and savory flavors with this unique recipe that pairs the juiciness of fresh tomatoes and mangoes with the creamy richness of sweet cashew cream. Served on toasted sourdough and finished with a drizzle of balsamic reduction, this dish is a delightful fusion of textures ...

My favorite breakfast while growing up was French toast. I can still taste it today. When Karuna asked me to create a recipe for their new (and OMG super delicious!) Silky Oat Beverage - I knew it was time to re-create mom's famous breakfast. The creaminess from the oats and the comforting flavor of...

Yeah, yeah, it's a long name, but aren't you just drooooooling?! Heirlooms tomatoes are starting to ripen and pair that with smoky tempeh bacon, a just perfect avocado, creamy mayo, and held together by two perfect pieces of just toasted sourdough - oh, good heavens what a sandwich!

Tomatoes and sandwiches - two of my favorite things and when the tomatoes start popping off the vines in mid-late summer, what better meal is there than a BLT?

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