If you caught Dr. Loomis and Caryn at this year's STL Veg Fest, this is the recipes that were demonstrated. They make great appetizers/party food for the upcoming holidays!We are also scheduling for private events up to 20 people! The Center for Plant-based Living is all yours for an evening and the...

These cute little gluten-free fritters take care of that over abundance of summer squash in your garden and add a low calorie addition to any meal! hey also make great appetizers for the upcoming holiday season!

Early fall, and bring on the squash! A burst of orange and zing of ginger adds a nice brightness to our early fall days.

Creamy, light and a pop of dill - just like tzatziki should be! Spread, drizzle, or use it as a dip!

In my family it's always grilling season and this is one of the best ways I have found to lock the flavors in if you're grilling in or out! Mix up the herbs and spices however you'd  like - I love the boldness of this Cajun seasoning with with the brightness of the lemon!

Hints of the sea to remind you of the crab dip you used to love AND you'll get your vegetables in, too! SCORE!

The PERFECT little snack to tide you over and avoid becoming hangry! Dig in while traveling, long road trips, have them out at parties, whatever! A little bit of tomato-y heat and that perfect jerky, chewy consistency is hard to not keep going back again and again!

Who knows, maybe I have Olympic fever (Yay, USA with the highest medal count!! - Winners!!!), or maybe I just feel like I've created the best avocado toast ever with these 5 simple ingredients, one of which I have never had on any avocado toast, anywhere. I think you'll really love this one!

Boy do I miss cottage cheese! I used to eat that stuff by the container! Unsure why I even loved it so much, there's not much flavor. There was certainly something about it and have been missing it more and more. I set aside a day, played around and here's what I came up with. I went through a few r...

Incorporating one of my very first recipes (Clean Slate Hummus), I have recreated cheesy jalapeno poppers and made a much healthier and super tasty version.