Searching for recipies that include corn starch:
Here in St. Louis there used to be a department store called Famous-Barr (now Macy's) and their restaurant served iconic FOS. This comes pretty close.

These homemade mung bean based vegan eggs will trick your taste buds into thinking you are eating the real deal - thankfully your arteries will know the difference. Enjoy the fluffy delight!

These minis are perfect for a quick on the run breakfast, pack 'em in the kid's lunch or have them ready as a snack for when they arrive home from school. 

Keeping our social distancing in mind, these summertime perfect kabobs are already skewered, sauced and garnished! Simply pick up, and eat! No need to touch anything else! Delicious! Even from a distance!

Ok, so this might be like the 4th buffalo cauliflower wing recipe on my site (hey, I have like 350 recipes, have fun!), but practice makes perfect and these are the best yet! Be sure to check out my house-ish make buffalo sauce and you won't believe how EASY the ranch is!

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