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This is one of my favorite salads because it pairs well with nearly any main meal. It's also a great stand-alone main event. If you'd like to bulk it up even more, I'd suggest adding one cup of cooked chickpeas!

The most common question I receive from clients is "I want to lose weight, can you help me?".  I tell them no. I say, "I can teach you how to cook foods that will nourish your body the with the nutrients it needs to run effectively and efficiently, the side effect of this weight loss."  They seem o...

Sure, maybe it's a fancy word for spread, but this pate tastes like a million bucks, and takes hardly any time to make. Perfect for that swanky party or, just Tuesday night.

Make that salad come ALIVE when massaging this into those kale leaves!  

These cute little cabbage soak up the balsamic vinegar for bold flavor!

Collagen supplements seem to be all the rage right now and did you know that you can get the same (actually, even better) results in helping to smooth out those wrinkles and re-create that supple skin by what is on the end of your fork?? The amino acids in this salad help support collagen production...

This beautiful creamy tahini dressing hits all the notes! Thin it with water for a great salad dressing, or don't add so much liquid for a perfect dip or a fantastic sandwich spread!BONUS:: Watch this video to learn the ONE TRICK on how to get anybody to love kale! Scouts honor!

Never did you ever think onions could taste like THIS! It will be the most unsuspecting part of your next meal, and will soon become the food you crave the most!

Dive into a symphony of sweet and savory flavors with this unique recipe that pairs the juiciness of fresh tomatoes and mangoes with the creamy richness of sweet cashew cream. Served on toasted sourdough and finished with a drizzle of balsamic reduction, this dish is a delightful fusion of textures ...

You will be lucky in good health with all these greens! Add this to your meal rotation and the odds of of making your body happy are in your favor, and luck has nothing to do with it!

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