October 5, 2021
Today Chelsea and I introduced a new recurring segment on STUDIO STL. Viewers can write in to the producer, Jordan Palmer and ask anything they want about a plant-based diet/lifestyle and I'll be back to answer! I'm so grateful for this opportunity to broaden the education about the importance of adding more plants to your plate. Start sending your questions to Jordan:

September 28, 2021
I create recipes for the plant-based beginner and I'm honored VegWorld Magazine has chosen a few of my favorites to share with their readers. It's exciting!!

Chef AJ Show
September 3, 2021
Another fun event to kick off the big anniversary week!! Using secret ingredients, Dr. Jim Loomis and Caryn Dugan must rely on their quick creativity to be named Chef AJ's IRON CHEF! Who are you rooting for?! Here's the replay:

Show Me St. Louis
September 3, 2021
In my family it's always grilling season and this is one of the best ways I have found to lock the flavors in if you're grilling in or out! Mix up the herbs and spices however you'd like - I love the boldness of this Cajun seasoning with with the brightness of the lemon!

June 16, 2021
I love this woman and so will you! Long time media personality, Jill Devine and I finally crossed paths in 2019 as I was opening the Center for Plant-based Living and now we can't stop getting in each other's business. Her podcast, Two Kids and a Career, may seem like it wouldn't line up with my kid-free, kale driven business, but as we are emerging from COVID, I think you'll see a lot of parallels with similar gripes and also celebrations, in this chaotic world.

March 7, 2021
Sure green beer on St. Paddy's Day is festive, but how about we even the playing field with some real greens! Skewer up your favorite green vegetables and dip in my new edamame hummus!

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
February 24, 2021
Last year we featured Caryn Dugan’s Big Bold Chili recipe, a vegan chili with two kinds of beans, good-for-you vegetables, tomatoes, herbs, mushrooms and bulgur as one of the comfort foods chefs loved in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. We went back to Dugan at the Center for Plant-Based Living in Kirkwood to see what kind of vegan or vegetarian soup she might have. Her twist on a hearty vegetable soup introduces the Asian flavors of ginger and miso in a soup that’s low in calories and high in nutrient density.

Fox 2 Now
February 22, 2021

Chef AJ Show
January 23, 2021
Chef and I riff off of each other and have a great time in this show! I hate eggplant- except for this one dish! I made Eggplant Manicotti with Spinach Tofu Ricotta and a Cashew Bechamel. Sounds fancy, looks fancy, so dang easy.