January 19, 2022
Hail to the kale! I explained why this vegetable is truly a super-food with a ton of health benefits. Now don’t judge before you try, I also gave several ways to work kale into our meal plans. So adding in this green can make you a lean, mean veggie-powered machine!

St. Louis Magazine
January 11, 2022
SNIPPET: You also recently launched a YouTube series for beginners? Early in the pandemic, I started the Plant-Based Quick Cooking Show. There are 67 episodes. For a time, I was putting out a new episode every Tuesday. Each episode is five minutes and features just one recipe made with seven ingredients or fewer. It seems to have helped a lot of people.

January 5, 2022
I have long been a fan of Karuna creator, Angel Zeng. We've become friends and I have the utmost respect for her not only as just being a wonderful human, but also being the most steadfast person I have ever known to create and remain consistent in her product formula. Hers is the only commercial beverage I stand behind, as it offers such an incredible nutritional boost supporting a strong immune system and healthy gut.

December 21, 2021
I took gingerbread and made a healthy donut that doesn’t leave you depressed. The glaze I made won’t cause your eyes to glaze over in a food coma, either. Plus she has gift cards, virtual and online classes which are perfect for gifting. Click here for the gingerbread donut recipe

Chew in the Lou
December 17, 2021
A Snapshot of Thanksgiving: 5 Questions with STL Veg Girl, Caryn Dugan

November 23, 2021
Enter promo code HOLIDAYPLANTS for a discount on all classes and all membership plans November 27-29!

November 11, 2021
So you’ve gone to a plant-based lifestyle, but now what? Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and you’re looking at quinoa like it’s a foreign object. Breathe in, breathe out. STL Veg Girl Caryn Dugan came to the rescue, sharing her ideas on how to do a great-tasting turkey day without the meat. Check out her recipes and sit back and let them eat plants!

November 8, 2021
This is my super easy and so delicious Tuesday night soy curl stir fry! You'll love it.

November 1, 2021
November 1 is World Vegan Day. I'm here to explain the difference between vegan, plant-based, and wholefood plant-based diets.

October 27, 2021
Caryn Dugan, the founder of the Center for Plant-Based Living, joined us on the show along with her medical director Dr. Jim Loomis. The two discussed several of their plant-based meals, the ease of preparing them, and their health benefits. The Center is the first plant-based nutrition and culinary education center in the nation. We learned about her new classes, which are both virtual and in-person, as well as her new virtual membership program.